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Anemia, Pernicious

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Disease relevance of Anemia, Pernicious

  • The murine disease is similar to human autoimmune gastritis and pernicious anemia, and is characterized by parietal and chief cell loss, submucosal mononuclear cell infiltrates, and autoantibodies to the alpha and beta subunits of the gastric H/K ATPase [1].
  • Antibodies to a membrane-bound antigen, localized to the canalicular structures of the parietal cell, are found in most sera of patients with chronic atrophic gastritis and pernicious anemia [2].
  • The mechanism of hypergastrinemia in achlorhydria. Effect of food, acid, and calcitonin on serum gastrin concentrations and component pattern in pernicious anemia, with correlation to endogenous secretin concentrations in plasma [3].
  • In the patients with pernicious anemia, the lowest ESF levels were found 1 day after administration of vitamin B12, whereas in the patients with iron-deficiency anemia, the lowest ESF levels were reached in the second week of oral iron therapy [4].
  • We treated a case of thymoma with immunodeficiency (Good's syndrome) associated with a rare combination of other parathymic syndromes including myasthenia gravis, benign IgG lambda M component, pernicious anemia, and diabetes [5].

Psychiatry related information on Anemia, Pernicious

  • We describe a subcortical dementia, and after a review of the literature, we support the causalty of B12 hypovitaminosis (pernicious anemia) in the genesis of this dementia, in the absence of other organic causes of mental syndromes and in the presence of a positive and well-maintained response to vitamin B12 administration [6].

High impact information on Anemia, Pernicious

  • Autoantibody to the gastrin receptor in pernicious anemia [7].
  • In part because humans cannot synthesize vitamin B12 and must obtain it from organisms that produce it and because B12 deficiency leads to pernicious anemia, it has been important to understand how microorganisms build this quite complex substance [8].
  • Moreover, the actual bilirubin level changes caused by pernicious anemia were themselves smaller among blacks [9].
  • Landmark article (JAMA 1926). Treatment of pernicious anemia by a special diet. By George R. Minot and William P. Murphy [10].
  • Some patients with pernicious anemia who were intermittently treated with cyanocobalamin were found to have elevated serum levels of total homocysteine while they were free of hematologic and neurologic abnormalities [11].

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