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Pneumonia, Pneumocystis

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Disease relevance of Pneumonia, Pneumocystis


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Chemical compound and disease context of Pneumonia, Pneumocystis

  • The majority of sera tested from humans with diagnosed pneumocystosis and from rats allowed to recover from steroid-induced pneumocystosis reacted strongly with 110,000- to 116,000-, and 55,000- to 60,000-MW components [10].
  • Role of clindamycin with or without another agent for treatment of pneumocystosis in patients with AIDS [11].
  • Furazolidone exhibited only slight activity as a prophylactic agent but was moderately effective in the therapy of pneumocystosis [12].
  • Inhibitors of folic acid synthesis were compared alone and in different combinations in the therapy of pneumocystosis in immunosuppressed rats [13].
  • Serendipitous availability of a normal premorbid lung gallium scan indicated that pneumocystosis had developed during aerosol pentamidine prophylaxis; at the time of presentation a repeat gallium scan indicated disease limited to the upper lobes [14].

Biological context of Pneumonia, Pneumocystis


Anatomical context of Pneumonia, Pneumocystis


Gene context of Pneumonia, Pneumocystis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pneumonia, Pneumocystis

  • This study evaluated the efficacy of terbinafine on rat P. carinii antigenic profile and the immune response by Western blot analysis, in comparison with atovaquone and co-trimoxazole in rats with pneumocystosis [25].
  • Extrapulmonary pneumocystosis is a feature of severe immunosuppression which earlier reports have suggested is limited to patients receiving either no prophylaxis or aerosolised pentamidine [26].
  • Immunoblotting studies using rat-P. carinii antigen showed that 116-kDa antigen reacted with the antirat-P. carinii serum and sera from rnu/+ rats but not with the antimouse-P. carinii serum and the serum from a human with pneumocystosis, whereas 52-kDa antigens of rat-P. carinii were recognized by all the anti-P. carinii sera tested [27].


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