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Stomach Diseases

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Disease relevance of Stomach Diseases


High impact information on Stomach Diseases

  • The presence of three distinct serum markers of carcinoma, tumor-associated glycoprotein 72 (TAG-72; as measured by the CA 72-4 assay), CA 19-9, and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), was evaluated in 194 patients diagnosed with either malignant (n = 94) or benign (n = 100) gastric disease [5].
  • In 46 patients with different gastric diseases no correlation between the serum gastrin concentrations and the labelling indices was found [6].
  • The inhibition of gastric cell renewal by acetaldehyde may play a role in the pathogenesis of ethanol- and/or H. pylori-associated gastric diseases by inhibiting normal gastric mucosal protection and repair [7].
  • Sera with IgG antibody to H. pylori from five children with culture-proven H. pylori gastric disease markedly enhanced complement-dependent phagocytosis of H. pylori in an assay using flow cytometry to measure uptake of fluorescent-labeled bacteria by PMNL [8].
  • The aim of this study is to analyze the genetic and functional variability of cagA gene of clinical strains in relation to gastric diseases [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Stomach Diseases

  • Nitrite concentration increased with severity of gastric disease but the results were not significant (normal, 82.9 vs. CAG, 223.4 ng/ml, P = 0.069) [10].
  • N-nitrosoproline excretion in the presence and absence of gastric disease [10].
  • It is concluded that 150 mg of roxatidine daily would be adequate to treat patients with gastric diseases [11].
  • All patients with gastric diseases who underwent combined T2-weighted single-shot echo train spin-echo and gadolinium-enhanced conventional and fat-suppressed spoiled gradient-echo imaging between October 1, 1996 and March 1, 1999, and who had histological or other imaging proof of disease, were included in this study [12].
  • RESULTS: Serum sucrose levels started to increase 15 min after loading, and peaked at 60 min in the gastric disease groups [3].

Biological context of Stomach Diseases


Anatomical context of Stomach Diseases


Gene context of Stomach Diseases


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stomach Diseases


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