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Chemical Compound Review

porphobilinogen     3-[5-(aminomethyl)-4- (carboxymethyl)-1H...

Synonyms: SureCN188532, AG-J-05118, CHEBI:17381, P1134_SIGMA, HMDB00245, ...
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Disease relevance of porphobilinogen


High impact information on porphobilinogen


Chemical compound and disease context of porphobilinogen


Biological context of porphobilinogen


Anatomical context of porphobilinogen

  • Uroporphyrinogen I (URO) synthase [porphobilinogen ammonia-lyase (polymerizing), EC] activity increased when cultures of normal human bone marrow cells were incubated with erythropoietin [21].
  • Rabbit reticulocyte ALA-D is about as active in converting delta-aminolevulinic acid to porphobilinogen and as Zn2+-dependent as ALA-D purified from other sources [22].
  • ALA dehydratase activity, but not PBG deaminase activity or haem content, was markedly decreased in lymphocyte preparations from both patients with homozygous enzyme deficiency, and moderately decreased in subjects heterozygous for enzyme deficiency [23].
  • Diagnostic laboratory tests include quantitation of delta ALA, porphobilinogen, and porphyrins in blood, urine, and feces and analysis of activities of enzymes of the heme-forming system [24].
  • Ontogeny of 5-aminolevulinic dehydratase and porphobilinogen deaminase activities in the yolk sac membrane and liver of chick embryos [25].

Associations of porphobilinogen with other chemical compounds


Gene context of porphobilinogen


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of porphobilinogen


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