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Disease relevance of Hyponatremia


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Chemical compound and disease context of Hyponatremia


Biological context of Hyponatremia


Anatomical context of Hyponatremia

  • It may not be coincidental that two principal markers of an unfavorable prognosis in patients with heart failure, high plasma norepinephrine levels and hyponatremia, share baroreceptor dysfunction as a common theme [25].
  • The quantity of AVP peptide in the tumor cell lines was more closely associated with hyponatremia in the patients (P = 0.0026, r2 = 0.28) than was the production of ANF peptide (P = 0.066, r2 = 0.12), although neither association was strong [26].
  • Thus, these results show that in the setting of extracellular fluid volume expansion, excessive water retention with hyponatremia can occur in the absence of increases in aquaporin-2 abundance [27].
  • In previous studies we developed a rat model in which demyelination is reproducibly produced following rapid correction of chronic hyponatremia and demonstrated that the development of demyelination in this model is strongly associated with NMR indices of blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption [28].
  • Different HE-precipitating factors, such as ammonia, benzodiazepines, inflammatory cytokines and hyponatremia induce or aggravate astrocyte swelling and additionally increase oxidative/nitrosative stress and protein tyrosine nitration [29].

Gene context of Hyponatremia

  • Orally active non-peptide-selective V2 receptor antagonists administered to patients with congestive cardiac failure decrease urinary concentrations of aquaporin-2, increase solute-free water clearance, and correct the hyponatremia [30].
  • However, urinary aquaporin-2 in hyponatremia was significantly increased when compared with the other two groups [31].
  • Thus, non-osmotic release of AVP in CHF upregulates AQP2 water channels, enhances water reabsorption and causes hyponatremia [32].
  • Laboratory studies disclosed hyponatremia, low plasma ACTH level (4.2 pmol/L), and a low cortisol level (27.6 nmol/L) [33].
  • Asymptomatic hyponatremia occurred in over half of subjects receiving 75 microg or larger doses of GDNF; it was symptomatic in several subjects [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hyponatremia


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