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Disease relevance of Arthroscopy


High impact information on Arthroscopy

  • In 13 patients with RA and 19 patients with various other rheumatological disorders, knee ST biopsies were collected in macroscopically inflamed areas identified under arthroscopy [6].
  • METHODS: Ten patients with PsA (median duration 18 months) underwent arthroscopy and synovial biopsy of an inflamed knee before and after clinical improvement induced by methotrexate [7].
  • METHODS: Leptin levels in SF samples obtained from OA patients undergoing either knee replacement surgery or knee arthroscopy were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay [8].
  • METHODS: Hematoxylin and eosin staining and histologic grading for inflammation were performed for 104 patients who met the American College of Rheumatology criteria for OA and had undergone total joint replacement or arthroscopy [9].
  • RESULTS: Diacerhein treatment slowed the progression of OA, as measured by grading of gross changes in the unstable knee at arthroscopy 16 weeks after cruciate ligament transection (P = 0.04) and at the time the animals were killed, 32 weeks after surgery (P = 0.05) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Arthroscopy


Biological context of Arthroscopy

  • We think that adding epinephrine to only portal site injections is sufficient to obtain a clear view and, furthermore, when carrying out arthroscopy in this manner, no significant changes are encountered in heart rate, mean arterial pressure, pain during arthroscopy, or time of arthroscopy [16].
  • Our findings thus demonstrate that MRI is more sensitive than arthroscopy in the detection of intrasubstance pathologies of the lateral discoid menisci [17].
  • We evaluated bacterial density and composition on the skin of 15 patients undergoing knee arthroscopy and the left hand of two surgeons after standard disinfection with povidone-iodine [18].
  • At 10 days' follow-up, in patients who had undergone operative arthroscopy naproxen sodium demonstrated a statistically significant effect on synovial effusion (p < 0.01), range of motion (p < 0.001), quadriceps strength (p < 0.05), pain (p < 0.001), walking activity (p < 0.05), and use of crutches (p < 0.01) [19].
  • CONCLUSION: The auditory evoked potential index provided by the A-line monitor does not decrease sevoflurane consumption or emergence times for ambulatory knee arthroscopy [20].

Anatomical context of Arthroscopy


Associations of Arthroscopy with chemical compounds


Gene context of Arthroscopy

  • In 20 knee samples of series I of patients who received arthroscopy (series II), we examined the amounts of MMP-2 and 9 in effusions and serial synovial organ cultures [31].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Synovial specimens obtained from patients with ID (31 patients), osteoarthritis (11 patients), and condylar fractures of the mandible (5 patients) during arthroscopy were examined immunohistochemically using antibodies against CD68, inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), Fas, and single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) [32].
  • METHODS: Synovial biopsy specimens were obtained by arthroscopy from patients with RA and disease controls for immunohistological analysis using a monoclonal antibody specific for IFNbeta [33].
  • All 18 of these patients were clinically suspected of having meniscal damage; however, only partial and complete ACL tears were found at arthroscopy [34].
  • Arthroscopy was performed using the anterior midline approach [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Arthroscopy


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