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Chemical Compound Review

Tiracoxib     4-(4-cyclohexyl-2-methyl-1,3- oxazol-5-yl)...

Synonyms: Tilmacoxib, tilmacoxibum, JTE-522, CHEMBL34913, SureCN379564, ...
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Disease relevance of JTE-522


Psychiatry related information on JTE-522

  • Starting at 4 weeks of age, the treated group (T group) were given a diet containing JTE-522, a selective COX-2 inhibitor, and the control group (C group) were given a control diet [5].

High impact information on JTE-522


Chemical compound and disease context of JTE-522


Biological context of JTE-522


Anatomical context of JTE-522


Associations of JTE-522 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of JTE-522

  • These data indicate that the COX-2 inhibitor JTE-522 has a high potential for use as a clinical agent for the treatment of liver metastasis of colon cancer [11].
  • JTE-522 downregulated PDGF production by LM-H3 but had no influence on VEGF production [11].
  • JTE-522 also inhibited MMP-2 secretion by LM-H3 [11].
  • Inhibition of haematogenous metastasis of colon cancer in mice by a selective COX-2 inhibitor, JTE-522 [21].
  • In contrast, the inhibitory activity of JTE-522 on human COX-1 was not affected by preincubation time [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of JTE-522

  • Furthermore, the adjunct use of JTE-522 is shown to significantly enhance treatment efficacy of conventional anticancer drugs not only in vitro but also in vivo without causing any noticeable side effects [2].
  • We also examined the effects of JTE-522 on the production of growth factors and MMPs through the use of ELISA and gelatin zymography, respectively [11].
  • The diameter of tumor vessels and the size of lung metastases significantly and positively correlated with neovascularization in the control group, but not in the JTE-522-treated groups [3].
  • Effect of JTE-522 on KGF expression from NF-21 cells and OCUM-2M cells was analyzed by ELISA and RT-PCR [15].
  • Oral administration of JTE-522 significantly decreased the size of xenografted tumor coinoculated with OCUM-2M cells and NF-21 cells in nude mice [15].


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