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Chemical Compound Review

celiprolol     3-[3-ethanoyl-4-[2-hydroxy-3- (tert...

Synonyms: Celectol, Celiprololum, CHEMBL27810, SureCN49415, AGN-PC-008H1D, ...
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Biological context of Selectol

  • Celiprolol is a 'third generation' beta-blocking agent which is claimed to avoid problems associated with simpler beta-blockers, such as vasoconstriction, bronchoconstriction and myocardial depression [3].
  • Orange juice substantially reduces the bioavailability of the beta-adrenergic-blocking agent celiprolol [10].
  • Celiprolol increased cardiac and stroke volume indices and the EF; the PAOP was reduced without change in other measured variables [15].
  • The metabolic effects of celiprolol, a new beta-adrenoceptor blocking agent with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity and alpha 2-blocking properties, were evaluated in a series of patients with hypertension, both with and without hyperlipidemia [16].
  • Some studies suggest that celiprolol, because of vasodilation, may be less likely to reduce blood flow to the peripheries than other beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs and hence cause fewer peripheral vascular side effects [4].

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