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Chemical Compound Review

Closantel     N-[5-chloro-4-[(4- chlorophenyl)-cyano...

Synonyms: Closantelum, CHEMBL12131, SureCN116617, AC-277, CCRIS 9345, ...
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Disease relevance of Closantel


High impact information on Closantel

  • Closantel treatment induced lysosomal fusion of the E. chaffeensis inclusion in a human monocytic leukemia cell line, THP-1 cells, implying that functional TCSs are essential in preventing lysosomal fusion of the E. chaffeensis inclusion compartment [6].
  • Consequently, the plasma kinetics of closantel reliably reflect its depletion from tissues [7].
  • The relative bioavailability of 50% of oral closantel can partly be explained by incomplete absorption [7].
  • The distribution of closantel to tissues was limited by its high protein binding [7].
  • Closantel binds specifically to ovine serum albumin (K(a) of 9. 3x10(6)M(-1)) at site I, the warfarin/phenylbutazone binding site of albumin Closantel also binds to invertebrate haemocyanin and haemolymph [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Closantel


Biological context of Closantel


Anatomical context of Closantel


Associations of Closantel with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Closantel

  • The method was applied to the determination of closantel in plasma and tissue samples, purified by a solid-phase extraction with C18 cartridges [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Closantel


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