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Chemical Compound Review

epinine     4-(2- methylaminoethyl)benzene-1,2- diol

Synonyms: Lopac-D-5886, CHEMBL31088, SureCN67772, BEN008, AG-F-68258, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of epinine


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Gene context of epinine

  • The results of this study show that epinine is a substrate for both forms of MAO in rat liver, although the contribution of MAO A to the deamination of this secondary amine appears to be slightly more important than that of MAO B [21].
  • Epinine exerted higher affinity at beta-2 compared to beta-1 adrenoceptors in radioligand binding experiments ([125I]iodocyanopinodolol) [16].
  • 1. The effects of epinine or dopamine (both 1-10 micrograms kg-1 min-1) on systemic haemodynamics and plasma concentrations of catecholamines and prolactin were studied in conscious pigs before and after combined non-selective alpha- and beta-adrenoceptor blockade [12].
  • Lack of epinine formation in adrenal medulla and brain of rats during cold exposure and inhibition of dopamine beta-hydroxylase [22].
  • Kinetic study of the transient phase of a chemical reaction system coupled to an enzymatically catalyzed step. Application to the oxidation of epinine by tyrosinase [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of epinine

  • Sodium was measured by ion specific electrode and dopamine by HPLC with electrochemical detection (using epinine as an internal standard) [24].
  • These methods were used to study the pharmacokinetics and metabolic fate of epinine after oral administration of ibopamine to healthy volunteers [2].
  • Quantitative analytical methods, using high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrochemical detection, were developed for the determination of epinine and its known metabolites in biological media [2].
  • The effect of the timing of a standard meal relative to a single oral dose of 200 mg ibopamine, on the appearance of its pharmacologically active metabolite, epinine, in plasma was investigated in a randomised crossover study in 12 healthy volunteers [25].
  • Endogenous synthesis of N-methylnorsalsolinol in rat brain during in vivo microdialysis with epinine [26].


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