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Chemical Compound Review

Phosphorous-32     phosphane

Synonyms: PHOSPHORUS-32, Phosphorus p32, CHEBI:37972, AC1L1BTK, C19162, ...
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Disease relevance of phosphane


High impact information on phosphane


Chemical compound and disease context of phosphane


Biological context of phosphane


Anatomical context of phosphane

  • Ten million ion exchange microspheres labeled with 740 MBq of phosphorus-32 (32P) were injected through a catheter placed in a selected lobar branch of a pulmonary artery in 12 anesthetized dogs [21].
  • Following successful angioplasty of 49 saphenous vein graft lesions, a novel, self-centering phosphorus-32 solid foil beta source encapsulated within a dual-balloon membrane was used to deliver 20 Gy 1 mm into the vessel wall [22].
  • The phosphoprotein level was observed in the phosphorus 32-labeled incorporation from [gamma-32P]adenosine triphosphate into the isolated plasma membranes [23].
  • For adjuvant therapy of colon cancer having positive nodes (Dukes C), internal radiation therapy of the liver is best done with Phosphorus-32 Colloid passed through the circulation of the gut to be effectively and homogeneously trapped by the Kupffer cells of the liver [24].
  • This report, based upon 12 procedures performed on 10 patients with gliomas of the mesencephalon, pons, and medulla, details an approach using aspiration, stereotactically placed cyst catheters, and/or intracavitary irradiation with colloidal chromium phosphorus-32 in addition to external radiation therapy and chemotherapy [25].

Associations of phosphane with other chemical compounds


Gene context of phosphane


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of phosphane

  • The effects may be quantitated by end-labeling the DNA with phosphorus-32, generating a sequence ladder by gel electrophoresis, and measuring the relative damage at cleavage sites by autoradiography or phosphorimager technology [36].
  • A simple method to assay phosphorus-32 for radiotherapy applications [37].
  • We analyzed 159 patients for de novo lesions after the implantation of phosphorus-32 radioactive stents [38].
  • Total ribonucleic acid was extracted from cells incubated with ketoacids in the presence or absence of insulin-like growth factor-I, and Northern blots were probed with a phosphorus 32-labeled complementary deoxyribonucleic acid fragment encoding the rat GLUT 1 [39].
  • PSA RT-PCR was performed and all PCR products were blotted and hybridized with phosphorus-32 (32-P)-PSA cDNA probe (exon 3 to 5) [40].


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