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Chemical Compound Review

CHLORETONE     1,1,1-trichloro-2-methyl- propan-2-ol

Synonyms: Clortran, Sedaform, Chloreton, Chlorbutol, Chlorobutanol, ...
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Disease relevance of Chlorbutol


High impact information on Chlorbutol


Chemical compound and disease context of Chlorbutol


Biological context of Chlorbutol


Anatomical context of Chlorbutol

  • The effects of the preservative chlorobutanol on primary and secondary endings of muscle spindles isolated from the tenuissimus muscle of the cat were investigated in this study [13].
  • Interaction of light and chlorobutanol on Limulus ventral photoreceptor potential latency [15].
  • Chlorobutanol does not alter the sodium permeability of the receptor cell membrane but it may increase the rate of the process or processes occurring during the latent period of the receptor potential [16].
  • The distribution of surface areas of the squamous cells in the treated eyes was shifted to slightly larger values than in the controls after use of the chlorobutanol-containing product but the number of epithelial cell craters/cell was unchanged from that of the controls [17].
  • The results confirm the lack of gross cytotoxic effect of chlorobutanol-preserved artificial tears and indicate that the corneal epithelium can adapt to the use of a polymer-containing artificial tear [18].

Associations of Chlorbutol with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Chlorbutol

  • It is suggested that these concentrations of chlorbutanol and benzalkonium chloride did not affect the stability of the tear film lipid layer as indicated by an altered TER [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chlorbutol


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