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Chemical Compound Review

TETRAHYDROCORTISOL     2-hydroxy-1-[ (3R,5R,8R,9R,10S,11S,13S,14S. ..

Synonyms: Urocortisol, Tetrahydro F, SureCN93788, AG-K-22087, CHEMBL1908047, ...
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Disease relevance of TETRAHYDROCORTISOL


High impact information on TETRAHYDROCORTISOL

  • The urinary ratio of (tetrahydrocortisol + 5 alpha-tetrahydrocortisol)/tetrahydrocortisone, a measure of 11 beta-HSD2 activity, decreased from a median of 1.91 during biliary obstruction to 0.78 at 4 and 8 weeks after removal of the obstruction and normalization of plasma bile acid concentrations [6].
  • As in the adhesion studies, cortisol but not tetrahydrocortisol inhibited expression of ELAM-1 and ICAM-1 (both P < 0.005, n = 3 or 4) [7].
  • The urinary tetrahydrocortisol/5-alpha-tetrahydrocortisol ratios provided the highest index of discrimination between homozygotes (mean +/- SD, adults: 35.80 +/- 20.10; children: 15.48 +/- 7.91), heterozygotes (parents: 4.56 +/- 1.61; siblings and other relatives: 5.97 +/- 3.68), and normal subjects (1.07 +/- 0.36) [8].
  • Urinary tetrahydrocortisol and tetrahydrocortisone excretion increased 7- to 10-fold during ACTH administration [9].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Tetrahydrocortisol was not a glucocorticoid antagonist at the level of the classical glucocorticoid receptor and did not appear to antagonize systemically mediated glucocorticoid activity in the rat [4].

Chemical compound and disease context of TETRAHYDROCORTISOL


Biological context of TETRAHYDROCORTISOL


Anatomical context of TETRAHYDROCORTISOL


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TETRAHYDROCORTISOL


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