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Gene Review

Terc  -  telomerase RNA component

Mus musculus

Synonyms: mTER, mTR
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Disease relevance of Terc


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Biological context of Terc

  • To determine whether telomere shortening leads to a cardiac phenotype, we studied heart function in the telomerase knockout mouse, Terc-/-. We studied Terc-/- mice at the second, G2, and fifth, G5, generation [2].
  • Finally, G5 Terc(-/-) hypersensitivity to MNU supports the notion that short telomeres interfere with proper DNA damage repair [5].
  • Although a few transcripts are modulated specifically in Ku86- or Terc-deficient cells, the observed transcriptional response is mainly inductive and qualitatively similar for all three genotypes, with highest transcriptional induction observed in double mutant G3 Terc-/-/Ku86-/- cells compared with either single mutant [9].
  • We show here that in meiotic chromosome ends of late generation Terc-/- mice telomeric TTAGGG repeats and the TRF1 telomere-binding protein are significantly reduced or below detection level [10].
  • The influence of critical telomeric attrition, a well-known trigger of apoptosis and cell arrest, on sperm DNA fragmentation was studied in late-generation knockout mice for Terc, the RNA component of telomerase, as a model of choice [11].

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