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Gene Review

RND3  -  Rho family GTPase 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ARHE, Protein MemB, RHO8, RHOE, Rho-related GTP-binding protein Rho8, ...
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Disease relevance of RND3


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Biological context of RND3

  • A significant increase of RND2 and RND3 protein expression was observed in pregnant relative to nonpregnant myometrium associated with a loss of PPP1R12A phosphorylation [5].
  • Thus, RhoE is anticipated to function by regulating ROCK I signaling to control the balance between cell survival and cell death in response to genotoxic stress [6].
  • As predicted by these substitutions, which impair GTP hydrolysis in Ras, RhoE binds GTP but lacks intrinsic GTPase activity and is resistant to Rho-specific GTPase-activating proteins [7].
  • We investigated the expression of RhoE and its role in cell cycle regulation and apoptosis in the human prostate [1].
  • In addition, apoptotic cell death as measured by a cleavage product of caspase 3 is significantly increased in RhoE-overexpressing cells [1].

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