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Gene Review

vtg1  -  vitellogenin 1

Danio rerio

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Disease relevance of vtg1

  • With E2, the most sensitive end points were feminization of offspring (at 0.1 nM) and increased VTG production in males (at 0.32 nM) [1].
  • At 1 nM, decreased F, survival, increased F, body length and weight, VTG-related edema and kidney lesions, and inhibited spermatogenesis were observed [1].
  • Results from this study demonstrate that reproduction in zebrafish is affected by waterborne exposure to B[a]P and that altered transcription of genes important in regulating reproduction (20beta-HSD, CYP19A2 and vitellogenin) may be one of the underlying mechanisms of B[a]P-induced reproductive toxicity [2].

High impact information on vtg1

  • Ontogenetic expression of zp2 and zp3 mRNAs was first detected at 3 wk postfertilization, which was about 5 wk earlier than initial vtg1 expression, indicating that ovary development was earlier than vitellogenesis [3].
  • The level of vtg1 mRNA was about 100x and 1000x higher than those of vtg2 and vtg3 mRNAs [4].
  • Two Vg preparations, with apparent masses of 600 kDa (600 Vg) and 400 kDa (400 Vg), were isolated from the plasma of fish treated with estradiol-17beta (E(2)) by various chromatographic procedures [5].
  • Full-length cDNAs encoding the 600 VgA, 600 VgB, and 400 Vg were isolated from a liver cDNA library of E(2) treated fish [5].
  • Immunological analyses demonstrated that the 400 Vg underwent no change in native mass after being incorporated into oocytes [5].

Biological context of vtg1


Anatomical context of vtg1


Associations of vtg1 with chemical compounds

  • In the present study, both zebrafish and medaka vitellogenin genes have been isolated and used as a biomarker to compare the two small aquarium fish in response to estrogen treatment and thus to evaluate the two fish models in development of a biomonitoring system for environmental estrogens [6].
  • At 72, 96, and 120 hpf, vtg1 was significantly induced for all EE2 concentrations [8].
  • Suppression of vg in female liver following exposure to 50 or 500 ng/L of the synthetic androgen 17beta-trenbolone occurs at similar magnitude for both vg1 and vg3 isoforms [15].
  • Interestingly, the predicted vitellogenin has no polyserine phosvitin domain [16].
  • In all EE10 exposure groups (EE10, EE10+NP10 and EE10+NP100), increasing NP concentration acted antagonistically to the action of EE in terms of VTG induction at 60dph [11].

Other interactions of vtg1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of vtg1


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