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Gene Review

CYP4F12  -  cytochrome P450, family 4, subfamily F,...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CYPIVF12, Cytochrome P450 4F12, F22329_1, UNQ568/PRO1129
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Disease relevance of CYP4F12


High impact information on CYP4F12


Biological context of CYP4F12


Anatomical context of CYP4F12


Associations of CYP4F12 with chemical compounds

  • 1. CYP4F12, expressed in yeast, oxidized arachidonic acid to 18-hydroxyarachidonic acid, and the omega-side chain of two stable prostaglandin (PG) H(2) analogs (11,9-epoxymethano-PGH(2) and 9,11-diazo-15-deoxy-PGH(2)) [5].
  • CYP4F enzymes with omega-hydroxylase activity contain a heme-binding Glu residue, whereas CYP4F8 (and CYP4F12) with omega2- and omega 3-hydroxylase activities has a Gly residue in this position of SRS-4 [8].

Other interactions of CYP4F12


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CYP4F12

  • Northern blot analysis suggested three major transcripts of CYP4F12, which were detected in liver, kidney, colon, small intestine and heart [5].
  • An antipeptide polyclonal antibody was raised against the C-terminal of CYP4F12 (PLNVGLQ), evaluated by Western blot analysis and used for immunohistological analysis of 50 human tissues [6].


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