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Gene Review

PCNA  -  proliferating cell nuclear antigen

Sus scrofa

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Disease relevance of PCNA


High impact information on PCNA


Biological context of PCNA


Anatomical context of PCNA

  • Scattered cells labelled with anti-BrdUrd or anti-PCNA antibodies were detected within the ES whereas labelled cells were not found in either the cochlea or the vestibule [13].
  • These findings were associated with increased frequency of hepatocytes with apoptotic bodies and positivity for proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) in livers from ethanol-fed minipigs [14].
  • PCNA staining of 1-week vein grafts confirmed in vivo anti-proliferative effects of paclitaxel (21+/-2 vs. 36+/-3%, n=5, p<0.01) and rapamycin (32+/-1 vs. 57+/-6%, n=6, p<0.005); neither agent stimulated loss of endothelium at these concentrations [15].
  • PCNA staining was prominent within tubular primordia and was higher in testes from Yorkshire than from Meishan fetuses on all days examined [16].
  • Abundance of IGF-I and PCNA mRNAs was increased by E and inhibited by coaddition of either T or N in Day 10 pregnant pig endometrium [17].

Associations of PCNA with chemical compounds

  • PCNA labeling increased opposite to the injury site in both control and capsaicin animals over the first 72 h [18].
  • To evaluate a role for AR in uterine gene regulation, the levels of mRNAs for insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), proliferative cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), and AR itself were assessed in uterine endometrial explant cultures treated with estradiol-17beta (E), testosterone (T), and 19-nortestosterone (N) [17].
  • In contrast, PCNA mRNA abundance was suppressed by all steroid treatments in these explants [17].
  • In the presence of deferoxamine, [3H] methyl-thymidine incorporation, expression of nuclear proteins (p34cdc2 and PCNA) and H1 kinase activity were drastically reduced [19].
  • RESULTS: at 24 h, PCNA-positive nuclei revealed 33+/-14 and 12+/-3 proliferating cells/mm2 at placebo and molsidomine PTA-LDD sites, respectively (p<0.001) [20].

Other interactions of PCNA


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PCNA


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