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Gene Review

TMSB10  -  thymosin beta 10

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: MIG12, PTMB10, TB10, THYB10, Thymosin beta-10
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Disease relevance of TMSB10


High impact information on TMSB10


Chemical compound and disease context of TMSB10


Biological context of TMSB10

  • To identify the critical residues responsible for TB10-mediated apoptosis, we used a series of computational methods [1].
  • These results, together with primer extension experiments, suggest that the two thymosin beta 10 mRNAs are transcribed from the same gene through a combination of differential promoter utilization and alternative splicing [10].
  • The conserved 17LKKTET(22 motif region of TB10 was tested by Ala and Ser scanning mutagenesis using computational and biochemical methods, and 12 mutants were transfected into cancer cell lines and tested for their effects on growth arrest [1].
  • Immunohistochemical analysis showed that the protein was present in differentiating spermatids, suggesting that the testis-specific thymosin beta 10 mRNA is translated in haploid male germ cells [10].
  • Previously, we demonstrated that overexpression of TB10 in ovarian tumor cells increased the rate of cell death [11].

Anatomical context of TMSB10


Associations of TMSB10 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of TMSB10

  • Most frequent was the loss of 1 copy of TMSB10, observed in 11 of 12 SCV patients, followed by loss of CTNNB1 and BCL2, which occurred in 7 of 12 patients [19].
  • Among the 63 developmentally regulated genes, four exhibited the highest levels of expression (TMSB10, CTNNA1, NMP1, and CX3CL1) [20].
  • However, while thymosin beta-10 mRNA was undetectable (by northern blot analysis) in adult human brain, levels of thymosin beta-4 mRNA, although greatly reduced, were still present [14].
  • The upregulated genes included CD44, high mobility group protein-I, thymosin beta-10 and 27-kD heat shock protein, while the downregulated genes included NM23-H1, all of which are thought to be associated with the development or progression of carcinoma in the liver or other organs [21].
  • The expression of Tmsb10, S100a6 and Anxa2 coincided with heavy proteinuria [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TMSB10


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