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Gene Review

NME1  -  NME/NM23 nucleoside diphosphate kinase 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AWD, GAAD, Granzyme A-activated DNase, Metastasis inhibition factor nm23, NB, ...
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Disease relevance of NME1


High impact information on NME1


Chemical compound and disease context of NME1


Biological context of NME1


Anatomical context of NME1

  • NDP kinase A was transiently located in round spermatid nuclei and became asymmetrically distributed in the cytoplasm at the nuclear basal pole of elongating spermatids [17].
  • It also was reported that extracellular NM23 could inhibit differentiation of certain hematopoietic cell lines [18].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: To study the effect on the earlier stages of hematopoietic maturation, NM23 was added to serum-free pre-colony-forming unit (pre-CFU) assays starting from immature CD34++CD38- bone marrow cells [18].
  • In contrast, terminal differentiation of CD34+CD38+ progenitor cells in CFU assays was significantly altered by addition of NM23 protein [18].
  • More erythroid burst-forming units and fewer macrophage colonies were observed in cultures containing any of the NM23 isoforms examined [18].

Associations of NME1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of NME1

  • The centrosomal kinase Aurora-A/STK15 interacts with a putative tumor suppressor NM23-H1 [22].
  • Moreover, both NM23-H1 and Nm23-H2 bind to nuclease hypersensitive elements in the platelet-derived growth factor PDGF-A gene promoter sequence-specifically, correlating with either positive or negative transcriptional regulation [23].
  • Furthermore, the nm23-H1 (-)/E-cadherin (+) coexpression profile was coupled to decreased E-cadherin immunohistochemical protein detection (grade II) in 21% of the cases examined [24].
  • The exonuclease TREX1 is in the SET complex and acts in concert with NM23-H1 to degrade DNA during granzyme A-mediated cell death [25].

Regulatory relationships of NME1


Other interactions of NME1

  • Subsequently, two related human nm23 genes, nm23-H1 and nm23-H2, were identified [32].
  • Of the 4 loci tested, LOH at TP53, D17S74, and NME1 was associated with clinical stage [3].
  • P-glycoprotein, metallothionein and NM23 protein expressions in breast carcinoma [33].
  • The higher level of NM23-H1 was correlated with a worse outcome in patients with a single MYCN copy, or in those younger than 12 months of age [34].
  • STK15 and NM23 were initially found to interact in yeast in a two-hybrid assay [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NME1


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