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Death Certificates

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  • A review of death certificates in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts for 1959-77 yielded a total of 1722 deaths among former workers at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where nuclear submarines are repaired and refuelled [18].
  • Will the Scottish Cancer Target for the year 2000 be met? The use of cancer registration and death records to predict future cancer incidence and mortality in Scotland [19].
  • SETTING: Former Oxford NHS Region, England. PATIENTS: Data from death certificates of all who died in the population covered [20].
  • Each case was typed and graded on a representative haematoxylin and eosin section, while the age at diagnosis, stage and survival (within a minimum five year follow-up) was obtained from examination of hospital case notes and death certificates [21].
  • Mortality and causes of death from death certificates were analyzed among workers exposed to phosgene while working at a uranium-processing plant in Tennessee in 1943-45 [22].

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