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Chemical Compound Review

Nitramyl     3-methylbutyl nitrite

Synonyms: Vaporole, Aspiral, Amilnitrit, Amilnitrite, Amyl nitrosum, ...
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  • Soon after amyl nitrite (the prototype of this group) became a prescription drug, legally produced substitutes appeared and were sold as room odorizers [34].
  • Amyl nitrite-augmented quantitative hepatobiliary scintigraphy (QHBS) was performed on nine asymptomatic volunteers and 22 patients with SOD of biliary types I and II [20].
  • We conclude that LVOT peak velocity and pressure gradients in patients with HC can be readily assessed by Doppler echocardiography both at rest and after amyl nitrite inhalation [33].
  • It is concluded that amyl nitrite increases aortocoronary bypass graft blood velocity, suggesting a possible enhancement of blood flow to the distal native circulation in patients so operated upon [35].
  • In clinically improved and stable patients, amyl nitrite inhalation resulted in increased intensity of the commonly heard systolic ejection type murmur at the left sternal border and echocardiographic evidence of further narrowing of the outflow tract measured between the interventricular septum and the anterior portion of the stent [36].


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