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Drug Evaluation

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Disease relevance of Drug Evaluation


High impact information on Drug Evaluation


Chemical compound and disease context of Drug Evaluation

  • Twenty-five compounds structurally related to clofazimine were tested for their ability to inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium leprae using the kinetic method of drug evaluation in the mouse foot pad model of leprosy [11].

Anatomical context of Drug Evaluation


Associations of Drug Evaluation with chemical compounds


Gene context of Drug Evaluation

  • Drug effects on afterdischarge and seizure threshold in lissencephalic ferrets: an epilepsy model for drug evaluation [20].
  • CFA-based analyses appear to be suitable for psychotropic drug evaluation when more refined and data-related information on drug efficacy profiles are required [21].
  • On behalf of the Nova Scotia Seniors' Pharmacare Program, the Drug Evaluation Alliance of Nova Scotia developed a multicomponent intervention plan to facilitate the removal of chlorpropamide as an insured benefit [22].
  • Materials and METHODS: We used MTT in combination with other in vitro drug evaluation assays to screen potential MDR modifiers from a series of naturally occurring Bisbenzylisoquinoline Alkaloids (BBIs) that were isolated from natural plants [23].
  • New drug evaluations amiloride (Midamor, Merck, Sharp and Dohme) [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Drug Evaluation


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