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heptoate     heptanoate

Synonyms: enanthate, heptylate, Heptanoate, oenanthate, enanthylate, ...
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Disease relevance of enanthic acid

  • Pretreatment of rats for 6 weeks plus continued treatment during procarbazine administration with testosterone enanthate, 240 micrograms/100 g body weight, resulted in a marked protection of spermatogenesis [1].
  • These men were classified into groups according to whether 6 months of weekly T enanthate injections produced azoospermia (n = 54), near-azoospermia (n = 7), and nonazoospermia (n = 14) [2].
  • Sixty-nine men with primary and 62 with secondary hypogonadism began substitution therapy with im injections of T enanthate (n = 81), transdermal T preparations (n = 19), sc injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (n = 17), or oral T undecanoate (n = 14) for 2.4 +/- 0.8 yr [3].
  • To further evaluate the mechanism of the effect of DHT on plasma GH, seven male subjects with adolescent gynecomastia were treated with DHT heptanoate, and their responses were studied at 1 week and 3.5 months [4].
  • In an attempt to improve virilization, high dose testosterone enanthate treatment (250 mg by i.m. injection once a week) was begun [5].

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Gene context of enanthic acid

  • Testosterone enanthate therapy is effective and independent of SRD5A2 and AR gene polymorphisms in boys with micropenis [35].
  • The activities of LPL and HL in postheparin plasma were markedly increased by 1 week after a testosterone enanthate injection (P less than 0.001) [36].
  • The SHBG in four subjects treated with norethindrone enanthate fell within our normal range for men, and the mean serum testosterone levels fell 40% below the normal basal levels in these cases [37].
  • This report documents exacerbation of a PRL-secreting tumor after two separate 200-mg testosterone enanthate (T) injections despite continued bromocriptine (BRC) therapy [38].
  • To determine whether more nearly physiological levels of human LH (hLH) also can stimulate spermatogenesis when FSH levels are suppressed, we administered hLH to normal men whose endogenous gonadotropin levels and sperm production were suppressed by exogenous testosterone enanthate (T) [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of enanthic acid


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