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Chemical Compound Review

nizatidine     (E)-N-[2-[[2- (dimethylaminomethyl)-1,3...

Synonyms: Calmaxid, Cronizat, Distaxid, Naxidine, Antizid, ...
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Disease relevance of nizatidine


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High impact information on nizatidine

  • Nizatidine is a selective histamine2 receptor antagonist that effectively suppresses gastric acid secretion at lower than prescription doses and has been approved for nonprescription use in the prevention of postprandial heartburn [2].
  • Twelve healthy volunteers were given one week's oral treatment with each of 300 mg nizatidine, 40 mg famotidine, and placebo once daily in a randomised, placebo controlled, double blind study [4].
  • In conclusion, the effect of nizatidine in reducing the heart rate needs careful evaluation in elderly patients with heart failure or those also taking beta blockers [4].
  • The exercise heart rate on nizatidine as well as the resting heart rate on concurrent administration of nizatidine and the beta receptor blocking agent atenolol were subsequently investigated in the same volunteers [4].
  • METHODS: A patient with olanzapine temporally associated weight gain was treated with nizatidine as "add-on" therapy [11].

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