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Disease relevance of Reproduction

  • In the female frogs, the GH trend behaved differently from that in males; in fact, plasma GH changed during the annual reproductive cycle, showing two main peaks occurring during the reproductive period and the autumn ovarian recrudescence that are well correlated with the vitellogenesis as well as with the main changes in ovarian weight [1].

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Gene context of Reproduction

  • The spatio-temporal expression of AhR during the peri-implantation phase of the mouse uterus may indicate functional roles of this orphan receptor in fetomaternal interactions as well as substantiate the risk of exposure to chemicals such as dioxins during the reproductive period [23].
  • During the reproductive period, mothers and offspring exchange hematopoietic cells and develop a form of immunological tolerance bidirectionally [24].
  • Circulating testosterone concentrations declined in both groups between arrival on breeding grounds (end of April-early May) and the end of the reproductive period (July), and they were higher in May in ASY than in SY males [25].
  • In females, plasma androgens were high during the reproductive period, and plasma estradiol peaked sharply in March, while plasma progesterone changed little [26].
  • Egg production, nesting frequency, and serum levels of prolactin, estradiol, and total phosphorus were monitored in relatively nonbroody (egg) and relatively broody (RBC1) strains of turkey hens during a reproductive period [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Reproduction


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