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Sensory Thresholds

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Disease relevance of Sensory Thresholds


Psychiatry related information on Sensory Thresholds


High impact information on Sensory Thresholds

  • The increase in TRVP1 correlated significantly with the decrease in rectal heat (p=0.03) and the distension (p=0.02) sensory thresholds [9].
  • PP responses and visceral sensory thresholds were significantly correlated (r = 0.65, p < 0.002) [10].
  • An increase of 1 mmol/l in mean fasting blood glucose has an equivalent effect on the sensory threshold to an extra 5 years of age [11].
  • In fewer subjects who used capsaicin cream in an open-label study, there was no significant effect on sensory thresholds after up to 32 wk of use [12].
  • It was hypothesized that the removal of this intermittent auditory stimulation, simulating in waking subjects the increased sensory thresholds of REM sleep, would decrease the number of topic shifts in spontaneous thought [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Sensory Thresholds


Biological context of Sensory Thresholds


Anatomical context of Sensory Thresholds


Gene context of Sensory Thresholds

  • Findings from clinical and duplex ultrasound scan (DU) examinations were compared with the CEAP classification, its adjunctive venous clinical severity score, and sensory thresholds [23].
  • Cutaneous sensory thresholds from skin overlying masseter and forearm in MPD patients and controls [24].
  • Paradoxically, the patient's sensory thresholds negatively correlated with levels of testosterone (p < 0.05) and free testosterone (p < 0.002), and positively with levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (p < 0.05) [25].
  • ES2 produced by four times the sensory threshold was lengthened after tizanidine administration [26].
  • In contrast to the two cases previously reported by others, in which the preoperative TEPs were normal, the two cases reported herein showed significant changes on the affected side: the sensory thresholds were greater and the peak latencies of P19 and N28 were longer on the affected side than those on the normal side [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sensory Thresholds


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