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Sural Nerve

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Disease relevance of Sural Nerve

  • In a recent paper, we showed that the number of endoneurial microvessels per square millimeter and the average luminal area and size distribution of these microvessels are not significantly different in sural nerves of patients with diabetes mellitus as compared to control subjects [1].
  • Biopsy specimens of sural nerve from 10 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), of whom only 1 was severely disabled, were assessed by morphometric techniques and compared to nerves from age-matched controls [2].
  • In this study, sural nerve segments from individuals with PMP22 duplications or deletions, causing the reciprocal disorder hereditary neuropathy with pressure palsies (HNPP), were grafted into the cut ends of the sciatic nerve of nude mice [3].
  • To explore whether microangiopathy is associated with disturbed glucose tolerance and peripheral neuropathy, we assessed endoneurial capillary morphology in sural nerve biopsies from men with diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), and normal glucose tolerance (NGT) [4].
  • Effects of long-term aldose reductase inhibition on development of experimental diabetic neuropathy. Ultrastructural and morphometric studies of sural nerve in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats [5].

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Gene context of Sural Nerve

  • We report here a technique for extraction of nuclei from paraffin-embedded and cryofixed sural nerve biopsies for precise molecular diagnosis, employing interphase-two-color FISH in clinically diagnosed CMT1 or HNPP patients [32].
  • To determine whether these different genetic entities display different morphological phenotypes we compared sural nerve biopsies of CMT1A patients due to PMP22 duplication with biopsies of CMTX1 patients with proven Connexin32 mutations [33].
  • SC cultures from sural nerve biopsies of 8 subjects with axonal neuropathies, 8 with demyelinating neuropathies and 3 normal controls were included in this study and processed with double immunofluorescence technique, using anti-vimentin and anti-GFAP antibodies, during the 2nd, 4th and 6th week of culture [34].
  • Vascular endothelial TM was detected on sural nerve biopsies with immunohistochemistry [35].
  • RT-PCR experiments revealed that the parkin gene is expressed in sural nerves from both controls and patient with parkin-related disease [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sural Nerve


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