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Dental Hygienists

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Disease relevance of Dental Hygienists


Psychiatry related information on Dental Hygienists


High impact information on Dental Hygienists

  • This study examines nerve conduction and sensorineural deficits in dental hygienists [6].
  • METHODS: We mailed a survey to dental hygienists in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California. RESULTS: Musculoskeletal pain caused 27% of hygienists to decrease work hours and 8.7% to change office locations [7].
  • The prophylactic sessions that were handled by a dental hygienist also included (i) plaque disclosure and (ii) professional mechanical tooth cleaning including the use of a fluoride-containing dentifrice/paste [8].
  • METHOD: The study was a split-mouth, single-blind, randomized clinical study consisting of three identical experiments testing three combinations of toothbrushes (experiment 1: 3D versus Butler; experiment 2: 3D versus Dr Best; experiment 3: Butler versus Dr Best), in which the teeth of the panellists were brushed by a dental hygienist [9].
  • Prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms and carpal tunnel syndrome among dental hygienists [10].

Biological context of Dental Hygienists


Anatomical context of Dental Hygienists

  • Results indicated that 15 (25.9%) of the dental hygienists reported the presence of CTS symptoms, while 7 (12.0%) tested positive for mild median nerve dysfunction [16].
  • CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS: Dentists and dental hygienists may encounter patients with implanted vagus nerve stimulators, and they need to be cognizant of developments in the treatment of epilepsy [17].

Associations of Dental Hygienists with chemical compounds

  • Teeth were instrumented with either a Cavitron TFI10 tip, Cavitron EWPP tip, Titan-S Universal tip, or Titan-S Sickle tip by a licensed dental hygienist until each tooth was judged calculus free to the touch with a CH3 explorer [18].
  • U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear case of Atlanta dental hygienist [19].
  • Using the Theory of Reasoned Action model, the study addressed the following research questions: What are dental hygienists' beliefs, attitudes, motivations, and intentions regarding SA [20]?
  • The NC Institute of Medicine has begun exploring how to use dental hygienists to expand preventive dental services to underserved populations in federally-funded community or migrant health centers, state-funded health clinics, and the not-for-profit clinics that serve predominantly Medicaid, low-income or uninsured populations [21].
  • In 2000, Mitchell et al. investigated the perceptions of Kansas dental hygienists and scaling dental assistants in relation to House Bill 2724 (HB 2724), which allows dental assistants to perform coronal scaling [22].

Gene context of Dental Hygienists


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dental Hygienists


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