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Nephritis, Hereditary

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  • Collagen COL4A3 knockout: a mouse model for autosomal Alport syndrome [7].
  • In humans, mutation of the collagen alpha 3, alpha 4, or alpha 5(IV) chain genes results in a delayed onset renal disease called Alport syndrome [8].
  • Moreover, it is demonstrated that MYH9 mutations also result in two other FTNS-like macrothrombocytopenia syndromes: Epstein syndrome (EPS) and Alport syndrome with macrothrombocytopenia (APSM) [9].
  • Determination of the genomic structure of the COL4A4 gene and of novel mutations causing autosomal recessive Alport syndrome [10].
  • Substitution of arginine for glycine 325 in the collagen alpha 5 (IV) chain associated with X-linked Alport syndrome: characterization of the mutation by direct sequencing of PCR-amplified lymphoblast cDNA fragments [11].

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