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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN133366     ethyl 3-aminobenzoate

Synonyms: E10505_ALDRICH, AG-C-10939, ACMC-209m38, ANW-32898, NSC-39593, ...
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Biological context of Tricaine


Anatomical context of Tricaine

  • Two experimental sets of rainbow trout microsomes were tested; one representing in vivo or surgical tricaine exposures and the other representing in vitro tissue/organ collection tricaine exposures [13].
  • Transient use of tricaine to remove the telencephalon has no residual effects on physiological recordings of supramedullary/dorsal neurons of the cunner, Tautogolabrus adspersus [14].
  • Anesthesia with tricaine (MS222) and exposure of the pericardium for blood sampling from the ventral aorta affected plasma ANP and VNP levels [15].
  • We analyze the effect of a common anesthetic, tricaine (MS-222), on the metabolism of foreign compounds in the liver and duodenum of the splake [16].
  • 1. Glucose production by freshly isolated hepatocytes from rainbow trout was studied after anaesthesia of the animals with 2-phenoxy ethanol (2PE) or tricaine methanesulphonate (MS222) [17].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tricaine


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