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Chemical Compound Review

Mebeverina     4-[ethyl-[1-(4- methoxyphenyl)propan-2...

Synonyms: mebeverine, Arluy, Mebeverinum, CAT-354, SureCN25804, ...
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Disease relevance of Csag-144


Psychiatry related information on Csag-144

  • Human motor activity in the small bowel is more reproducible than that in the large bowel; therefore the aim of this study was to determine in the small bowel the effects of oral mebeverine in both IBS patients and in healthy controls [4].

High impact information on Csag-144


Chemical compound and disease context of Csag-144


Biological context of Csag-144

  • The results show that mebeverine undergoes rapid and extensive first-pass metabolism involving hydrolysis of the ester function, and that negligible circulating concentrations of the parent drug are found in humans [12].
  • The hyperpolarization induced by a second addition of adrenaline to the preparation was decreased and sustained in the presence of mebeverine, while the decrease of the electrotonic potential evoked during the alpha 1 response was less pronounced [13].
  • However, when administered i.v. but not i.j., the doses of mebeverine that inhibited jejunal motility also significantly reduced heart rate and arterial blood pressure [8].
  • The amplitude and duration of the compound action potential evoked in the vagus nerve were decreased by mebeverine but not by the metabolites [14].
  • In conclusion, the results confirm in vivo the antispasmodic effect of mebeverine and suggested that mebeverine can influence epithelial transport, probably in the direction of enhanced intestinal absorption [8].

Anatomical context of Csag-144

  • Hyperpolarization and cessation of spike activity of the muscle cells, accompanied by an increased amplitude of the electrotonic potential were observed in the presence of mebeverine (6 X 10(-5] after block of the alpha 2-, beta- and muscarinic receptors [13].
  • On the metabolism of the amphetamine-derived antispasmodic drug mebeverine: gas chromatography-mass spectrometry studies on rat liver microsomes and on human urine [15].
  • Cisapride and mebeverine were more effective per given concentration, when delivered IL than IA in both the ileum and sigmoid colon preparations [16].

Associations of Csag-144 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Csag-144

  • Mebeverine bound to beta 2- and alpha-receptors and inhibited phosphodiesterase activity and calcium accumulation [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Csag-144


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