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Transducers, Pressure

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  • Trained dogs with chronically implanted catheters and left ventricular (LV) pressure transducers were anesthetized with 2.3 per cent (1 + MAC) and 3.6 per cent enflurane [16].
  • The effects of acute beta adrenergic blockade were studied in nine calves which had been instrumented with sonomicrometer crystals and pressure transducers before and after treatment with thyroxine (200 micrograms/kg) for 14 days [17].
  • Inspiratory and expiratory airflows were monitored with a low-dead-space latex mask and pneumotachographs coupled to differential pressure transducers [18].
  • We measured fo and beta for two pressure transducers (Gould P23 Statham and Gould Disposable) in combination with Portex or Gould catheter tubing of lengths varying from 100 cm to 300 cm [19].
  • Intrauterine pressure was recorded using a Grass polygraph connected to a pressure transducer 30 min before misoprostol was given and for 4 h thereafter [20].

Gene context of Transducers, Pressure

  • ICP was measured noninvasively using a transfontanel pressure transducer, and CBF was assessed using the continuous-wave Doppler method [21].
  • METHODS: After midline laparotomy in 20 mongrel dogs, a pediatric umbilical catheter was inserted into the CBD via a small cholecystotomy and attached to a water-perfused pressure transducer [22].
  • Continuous monitoring of CSF pressure remote from the site of cannulation was feasible with a wire-based pressure transducer [23].
  • This portable pump interrogation apparatus consists of a 32 bit MS-DOS labtop computer, data acquisition software, an analog/ASCII interface, a pressure transducer, and appropriate fluid conduits [24].
  • We measured gastric motility in rats with a pressure transducer system under the continuous venous infusion of the muscarinic antagonists atropine and butylscopolamine (nonselective), AF-DX 116 (M2), zamifenacine (M3), and glucagon [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Transducers, Pressure


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