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Chemical Compound Review

Calciol     (1S)-3-[2-[(1R,3aR,7aR)-7a- methyl-1-[(2R)...

Synonyms: Ricketon, Trivitan, Vigorsan, Delsterol, Deparal, ...
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Disease relevance of cholecalciferol


High impact information on cholecalciferol

  • Since the properties of minilocus rearrangement under the control of E delta and E alpha parallel the properties of V delta-D delta-J delta and V alpha-J alpha rearrangement at the endogenous TCR alpha/delta locus, we conclude that these enhancers play an important role in orchestrating the developmental program of rearrangements at this locus [6].
  • Within 30 seconds after the 20-mg/kg dose, there were significant increases in heart rate (27 +/- 7 beats/min, mean +/- SEM; n = 6), maximum dP/dt (655 +/- 206 mm Hg/sec), and % delta D (2.2 +/- 0.9%; all p less than or equal to 0.05) [7].
  • VD/EB1089 did not appreciably alter PTEN expression [3].
  • As p27 levels are highly dependent on protein degradation, we examined the effect of VD/EB1089 on p27 association with factors that target this CDKI to the proteasome [3].
  • We have previously shown that 1,25-vitamin D3 (VD) hypophosphorylates p27 and interferes with the degradation of this CDKI in thyroid carcinoma cells [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of cholecalciferol


Biological context of cholecalciferol

  • VD and EB1089 exhibited a significant reduction in AtT20 corticotroph but not PRL235 lactotroph cell growth [3].
  • Moreover, transfection of PTEN did not influence the effect of VD on p27 accumulation in corticotrophs [3].
  • Our results suggest that sensitivity to the antiproliferative and differentiation-inducing actions of VD3 is not dependent solely upon the level of VDR expressed, but may also require posttranslational modification of the VDR or complex interactions with other nuclear transcription factors [4].
  • The percentage change of the left ventricular minor axis with systole by echocardiogram (% delta D) and dP/dtmax were used to monitor left ventricular function [9].
  • An A. tumefaciens strain, A348 delta D, which lacked the entire virD operon in the Ti plasmid pTiA6, was constructed [10].

Anatomical context of cholecalciferol

  • This suggests that delta D, and the Notch signalling pathway are involved in the differentiation of primary neurons within the neural plate, as well as in somite development [11].
  • Thus echocardiographic indices of left ventricular function (%delta D) and EF) may be useful as prognostic indicators in patients undergoing aortic valve replacement for aortic insufficiency [12].
  • In the terminal web region of normal and CC-treated enterocytes, numerous, apparently interconnected, tubules and vesicles were seen [13].
  • Mitral valve closing slope (E-F) was calculated to be 17.7 +/- 0.87 mm/second, and percentage of delta D, a correlate of ejection fraction, was 38.6 +/- 1.6% [14].
  • In cells from normal, rachitic, and vitamin D-treated [CC] animals the brush border from lanthanum-infused tissues was electron dense and calcium-lanthanum positive by x-ray analysis [13].

Associations of cholecalciferol with other chemical compounds


Gene context of cholecalciferol

  • We were unable to construct a strain harboring a delta recQ delta uvrD double deletion in a recBC sbcB(C) background (RecF pathway), suggesting that a delta recQ deletion mutation was lethal to the cell in a recBC sbcB(C) delta D background [19].
  • Although VD3 treatment increases VDR protein levels and DNA-binding activity in all clones, altered DNA-protein complexes are detected in RWLeu4-4 [4].
  • In non-myopic children, having a response AC/A ratio of 5.84 delta/D or more elevated the risk of development of myopia within 1 year by 22.5 times (95% CI = 7.12-71.1) [20].
  • The delta D values of fall HY birds moving through Delta Marsh MMSs in Manitoba were more negative than those moving through Long Point MMSs in southern Ontario, clearly indicating more northwesterly origins [21].
  • Conversely, delta D signatures provided good latitudinal geographical control, and this was also supported by analysis of feathers from two other species, Gray-cheeked Thrush (Catharus minimus) and Harris' Sparrow (Zonotrichia querula), also known to breed and molt in northern regions [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cholecalciferol

  • End-systolic dimension, wall thickness, and % delta D were determined by M mode and two-dimensional echocardiography, and end-systolic wall stress was then calculated [22].
  • 4. Sequence analysis of these functionally rearranged gamma and delta genes revealed highly restricted V delta-D delta-J delta junctions, and somewhat more diverse V gamma-J gamma junctions [23].
  • The suppression by lacR288 of the decreased degR expression in the mecA background was found to be caused by an increase in the delta D level as shown by Western blot analysis [24].
  • The percentage of shortening of the echocardiographic left ventricular dimension (% delta D) was prospectively evaluated in 42 patients without detectable asynergy during diagnostic cardiac catheterization and was found to correlate well with angiographic ejection fraction (r = 0.90) [25].
  • Body surface area also correlated positively with percentage of ventricular minor axis dimensional change (% delta D) [26].


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