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Chemical Compound Review

Vectrine     2-[(2-oxothiolan-3- yl)carbamoylmethylsulfa...

Synonyms: Erdotin, Edirel, Erdosteine, Erdosteinum, Dithiosteine, ...
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  • The effects of NAC on apoptosis, the increases in the local production of TNF-alpha and VEGF, were weaker than the effects of erdosteine [12].
  • The erythrocyte catalase (CAT) activity of Dxr plus erdosteine group was higher than control and Dxr groups [22].
  • Erdosteine also reduced depletion in the tissue CAT, GSH-Px, and SOD activities [23].
  • On the other hand, administration of erdosteine to INH-treated group significantly increased NR2A receptors and decreased MDA production [24].
  • We aimed to investigate adverse effects of INH on rat hippocampal NMDAR receptors, and to elucidate whether erdosteine prevents possible adverse effects of INH [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RV 144


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