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Chemical Compound Review

Flomoxef     (6R,7R)-7-[2- (difluoromethylsulfanyl) ethan...

Synonyms: Flomoxefo, Flomoxefum, FMOX, Flomoxef (INN), CHEMBL15413, ...
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Disease relevance of S 6315


High impact information on S 6315

  • Its activity is due to a high affinity of the penicillin-binding protein 2' in MRSA, an affinity which was approximately 1,050 times as high as that for flomoxef [6].
  • FK037 was less resistant than flomoxef to hydrolysis by beta-lactamase group 2e derived from B. fragilis GAI 0558 and GAI 10150 [1].
  • The mixed infection rat pouch model was treated with either flomoxef (susceptible to hydrolysis by the beta-lactamase produced by B. fragilis), or cefmetazole (relatively resistant to hydrolysis) [7].
  • The susceptibility of 113 strains of pathogenic Nocardia, N. asteroides, N. farcinica, N. nova, N. brasiliensis and N. otitidiscaviarum to a new oxacephem antibiotic flomoxef was determined by an agar dilution method in comparison with those of 13 other cephalosporins [5].
  • We used the antimicrobial agents, flomoxef (FMOX) and gentamicin (GM), to investigate the kinetics of ET released from in-vitro-cultured Escherichia coli and to examine the ET effect on tumor necrosis factor (TNF) production by macrophages [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of S 6315


Biological context of S 6315


Anatomical context of S 6315


Associations of S 6315 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of S 6315

  • The in vitro frequency of spontaneous mutant cells highly resistant to FK037 in MRSA was lower than that to cefpirome and flomoxef [24].
  • Moreover, the capacity to induce PBP 2a was lower for FK037 than that of cefpirome but higher than that of flomoxef [24].
  • The efficacy of a new protocol consisting of a prophylactic antibiotic regimen of peri- and postoperative intravenous administration of flomoxef and irrigation of the operative field with saline containing gentamicin was assessed by comparing infection rates in two consecutive series of patients who underwent neurosurgical procedures [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of S 6315


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