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Gene Review

STAG1  -  stromal antigen 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cohesin subunit SA-1, SA-1, SA1, SCC3 homolog 1, SCC3A, ...
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Disease relevance of STAG1


High impact information on STAG1


Biological context of STAG1


Anatomical context of STAG1

  • Human CD4-positive T cells were cultured with phytohemagglutinin in the presence or absence of 0.1 microM recombinant cystatin SA1 or SA2 [11].
  • Recent work has implicated the System N transporter SN1 in the efflux of glutamine from astrocytes and the very closely related System A transporters SA1 and SA2 in glutamine uptake by neurons [12].
  • Setting optimal parameters for in vitro electrotransfection of B16F1, SA1, LPB, SCK, L929 and CHO cells using predefined exponentially decaying electric pulses [13].
  • 1. Multiple linear regression was performed in 56 subjects with dependent variable SA at 4 months after starting PD (SA2), and independent variables: age, sex, diabetes, 4h-D/Pcr, predialysis SA (SA1), nPCR, PD-duration, modality, Kt/V, Ccr, and daily volume excreted normalized to body water (Vt/V) [14].

Associations of STAG1 with chemical compounds

  • A continuing study of the ingredients of Puerariae Radix, the roots of Pueraria lobata (WILLD.) OHWI, which is one of the most important crude drugs, has resulted in the first isolation of four new oleanene-type triterpene glycosides, named kudzusaponins SA1, SA2, SA3 and C1 (1-4) [15].
  • Here, we describe a very simple, reliable, sensitive standard-addition method for the simultaneous determination of S1P, sphingosine (SPH), sphinganine (SAPH) and sphinganine-1-phosphate (SA1P) in human and rat plasma samples [16].

Other interactions of STAG1

  • Identification of STAG1 as a key mediator of a p53-dependent apoptotic pathway [7].
  • Two proteins, SA1 and SA2, are given by two alleles of CST2, viz., CST2*1 and CST*2 [17].
  • The difference in the electrophoretic positions of the two proteins, SA1 and SA2, in a basic gel and in an isoelectric focusing gel agreed with the expected mobilities of the proteins with the SA2 variant at a more anodal position [18].
  • Recombinant cystatin SA1 did not inhibit human cathepsin H but SA2 inhibited it slightly (Ki = 528 nM) [19].
  • An avidin-biotin-peroxidase labelling method was applied to frozen sections and to routine-fixed, paraffin-embedded sections, and compared with immunohistochemical results of stromal antigen detection (type IV collagen, laminin and fibronectin) obtained in parallel on different neoplasias [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of STAG1


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