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Gene Review

svr  -  silver

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG18503, CG32818, CG4122, CP, CPD, ...
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Disease relevance of svr

  • Individual domains of Drosophila CPD were expressed in insect Sf9 cells using the baculovirus expression system [1].

High impact information on svr


Biological context of svr


Anatomical context of svr

  • At the nonpermissive temperature, processing of alkaline phosphatase and carboxypeptidase Y in arl3 mutant was slowed. yARL3 might be required for protein transport from endoplasmic reticulum to Golgi or from Golgi to vacuole at nonpermissive temperatures [6].
  • Atonal regulates DE-cadherin transcriptionally, whereas the EGFR pathway, acting through the transcription factor Pointed, exerts its effects on adherens junctions indirectly, at a post-transcriptional level [7].
  • When compared to the recently solved structures of the testis isoform of ACE (tACE) and its Drosophila homologue (AnCE), carboxypeptidase A showed little structural homology outside of the active site, while thermolysin revealed significant but less marked overall similarity [8].
  • To investigate the role of the two different C-terminal tail sequences (tail-1 and tail-2) that result from the differential splicing within exon 8, constructs containing a reporter protein (albumin) attached to the transmembrane domain and tail-1 or tail-2 of CPD were expressed in S2 cells and a mouse pituitary cell line (AtT20 cells) [9].
  • Vitellogenic carboxypeptidase is a 53 kDa yolk protein produced by the fat body of the female mosquito, Aedes aegypti, in response to a blood meal [10].

Associations of svr with chemical compounds

  • This partial sequence, homologous to human CPE, CPM, and CPN, contained the conserved arginine and zinc binding domains [5].
  • Using [Leu(5)]enkephalin as a substrate, a captopril sensitive dipeptidyl carboxypeptidase (angiotensin I-converting enzyme) and an amastatin-sensitive aminopeptidase were detected as prominent activities associated with intact discs [11].
  • Characterization of a digestive carboxypeptidase from the insect pest corn earworm (Helicoverpa armigera) with novel specificity towards C-terminal glutamate residues [12].
  • Activated HaCA42 carboxypeptidase hydrolysed a synthetic substrate for glutamate carboxypeptidases (FAEE, C-terminal Glu), but did not hydrolyse substrates for carboxypeptidase A or B (FAPP or FAAK, C-terminal Phe or Lys) or methotrexate, cleaved by clan MH glutamate carboxypeptidases [12].
  • Male accessory gland secretory proteins in seven members of Drosophila nasuta subgroup were analyzed by SDS-PAGE in combination with different staining techniques such as CBB-R250, Silver, PAS, PAS-silver and zinc-imidazole reverse staining [13].

Other interactions of svr

  • A search for other dHDAC3-like genes failed to find other potential paralogues in D. melanogaster, but identified significant homologies with bacterial and fungal genes encoding enzymes that metabolise acetyl groups, and with genes for other hydrolyases such as carboxypeptidase [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of svr


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