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Disease relevance of Choristoma


High impact information on Choristoma

  • This inability of diabetic EPCs to respond to SDF-1 may contribute to aberrant tissue vascularization and endothelial repair in diabetic patients [6].
  • The serpinopathies result from conformational transitions in members of the serine proteinase inhibitor superfamily with aberrant tissue deposition or loss of function [7].
  • The ectopic tissue buds ventrolaterally into the adjacent mesenchyme, and less extensively into the tracheal lumen, forming follicle-like structures that accumulate thyroglobulin [8].
  • Null mutants of Drosophila B-type lamin Dm(0) show aberrant tissue differentiation rather than obvious nuclear shape distortion or specific defects during cell proliferation [9].
  • In biodistribution analyses the contamination can lead to false-negative results by masking low-level lacZ expression in target and ectopic tissues, and false-positive results if sufficient controls are not used [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Choristoma


Anatomical context of Choristoma


Gene context of Choristoma

  • In vivo, MMP-3 mRNA was detectable at all times in ectopic tissues but not in eutopic uterine tissues, whereas MMP-2 and TIMP-1 were ubiquitously expressed at all times in both tissues [21].
  • Aberrant tissue expression of MHC antigens may be more widespread than has been previously recognized in diseases mediated by immune mechanisms [22].
  • Non-GH promoters for fusion genes allowed novel regulation of GH production in ectopic tissues, including the kidney, liver and gut [23].
  • Aged MAM-treated rats may thus offer a good model for studying age-related monoaminergic changes in the cortical heterotopic tissue of human cortical malformations [19].
  • Taken together, these results suggest that the absence of sufficient mammary-specific regulatory elements in the BLG promoter sequences and/or the juxtaposition of the BLG promoter with the HSA coding sequences leads to novel tissue- and cell-specific expression in ectopic tissues of transgenic mice [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Choristoma


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