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Disease relevance of Cautery


High impact information on Cautery

  • In this study, we have investigated the changes in androgenemia, insulin sensitivity, and plasma lipid-lipoprotein levels after laparoscopic ovarian cautery (LOC) for ovulation induction in eight infertile women with clomiphene citrate-resistant PCOS [6].
  • Finally, cautery of a circle around the midline inhibited pupal commitment only outside the circle, showing that cautery could act as a barrier to the passage of a signal coming from the midline [7].
  • PURPOSE: To determine if the act of cleaning a cautery tip with an abrasive pad dislodges radiopaque particles that can be transferred to breast tissue during surgery, thereby mimicking microcalcifications at mammography [8].
  • PURPOSE: To determine the temporal and spatial relationships between neovascularization and basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) mRNA and protein expression in the rat cornea after cautery with silver nitrate [9].
  • Cautery of the follicles resulted in a 35% reduction in iINH and an 81% reduction in estrogen concentrations in the ovarian vein within 10 min [10].

Biological context of Cautery


Anatomical context of Cautery

  • Total RNA or protein was extracted from whole corneas until 1 week after cautery, and bFGF and VEGF mRNA and protein levels were determined by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) [9].
  • As an alternative treatment in 11 patients (13 eyes), we applied thermal cautery to the inflamed superior bulbar conjunctiva following subconjunctival injection of 2% xylocaine [13].
  • All follicles visible on the ovary were ablated by cautery and ewes were treated with oestradiol or ovine follicular fluid (oFF) to suppress FSH or with PMSG to increase circulating gonadotrophic activity [14].
  • The procedure utilizes (1) a small, single incision; (2) no sutures; (3) cautery of each vas deferens lumen with a hand-held, battery-operated, disposable, hot-wire cautery; and (4) sealing of the proximal vas deferens in its sheath with a single tantalum clip [15].
  • Neuropathological examination of the sciatic nerve after cautery showed significant axonal loss (more small than large fibers) with concomitant demyelination, which was partially inhibited by irrigation (chi2; P = .04) [16].

Associations of Cautery with chemical compounds

  • Sham follicle cautery did not block ipsilaternal ovulation or impair progesterone secretion by the CL in 2 of 2 monkeys [17].
  • Medial tibial release included soleal and transverse fasciectomy, with periosteal cautery of the tibial insertions [18].
  • Although classic wedge resection has little place in modern management of PCOD, the recent laparoscopic ovarian cautery remains largely unstudied with respect to long-term postoperative plasma androgen levels and pelvic adhesions [19].
  • Changes of bioactive luteinizing hormone after laparoscopic ovarian cautery in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome [20].
  • We report six patients with chloracne, unresponsive to conventional therapy, whose lesions were cleared by treatment with EMLA (eutectic mixture of lignocaine [lidocaine] 25 mg/g and prilocaine 25 mg/g) topical anaesthesia and light cautery [21].

Gene context of Cautery

  • PR often stained nuclei of normal brain tissue and was accentuated in areas of necrosis or cautery artifact [22].
  • The intravitreal injections were limited to 5 mul containing either normal saline alone or 200 ng of EPO in normal saline administered immediately after the cautery procedure [23].
  • Cautery of the segmental site of origin of pupal commitment, the dorsal midline, suppressed pupal commitment in the rest of the operated segment, indicating that the midline has a special effect on commitment of the rest of the segment [7].
  • Among those familiar with epilepsy 18.5% believed in cautery and 40% believed in faith healing [24].
  • Thermal cautery as a treatment for conjunctival inclusion cyst after strabismus surgery [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cautery


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