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Disease relevance of Iritis


High impact information on Iritis


Chemical compound and disease context of Iritis


Biological context of Iritis

  • No statistical difference in SLPI levels was found between controls (cataract) and other pathologies, while patients with iritis/uveitis had higher SLPI levels compared to those with diabetes (P<0.05) [16].
  • The iris vessels showed fluorescein leakage as a sign of irritative iritis during the active stage of simple and chronic corneal ulcers, in disciform keratitis, Mooren's ulcer, and in graft rejection [17].

Anatomical context of Iritis


Gene context of Iritis

  • The only significant difference between those patients with an iritis and those with only pelvospondylitis was an elevated CRP in the iritis group (p less than 0.01) [19].
  • RESULTS: Four of the parents had had JIA (one subsequently developed ankylosing spondylitis), and 4 had rheumatoid factor-negative chronic arthritis (one had also had chronic iritis since the age of 10, resembling that seen in JIA) [20].
  • Based on this information the type of uveitis will be named (eg, acute, nongranulomatous, unilateral, anterior uveitis) and matched (meshing) to a potential list of etiologies (eg, viral iritis, HLA-B 27 associated iritis) [21].
  • Analysis of individuals with B27 AS with iritis revealed significant differences in allelic distribution of this biallelic locus compared to patients with B27 AS without iritis [22].
  • When present, antibodies to a 45 kDa protein occur only in sera from children without iritis and not in those with active iritis [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Iritis


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