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Dry Eye Syndromes

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Disease relevance of Dry Eye Syndromes


High impact information on Dry Eye Syndromes


Chemical compound and disease context of Dry Eye Syndromes

  • PURPOSE: Because purinoceptor P2Y(2) receptor agonists elicit increases in net Cl, fluid transport, and glycoprotein release onto the ocular surface, they are candidates for treatment of dry eye syndrome [10].
  • METHODS: Immunologic anomalies were identified at baseline, before treatment with the masked medication, in a homogeneous series of patients with dry eye syndrome, who were enrolled in a large European multicenter clinical trial (Cyclosporin A Dry Eye Study; Allergan, Irvine, CA) [11].
  • These effects suggest that INS365 is a potential therapeutic agent for use in the treatment of dry eye syndrome [10].
  • Tear proteins of nonstimulated tears of 29 patients (healthy subjects, n = 8; dry-eye syndrome patients, n = 12; diabetic dry-eye patients, n = 9) were electrophoretically separated and stained by SYPRO Orange, followed by Coomassie blue staining [12].
  • Trehalose eye drops in the treatment of dry eye syndrome [13].

Biological context of Dry Eye Syndromes


Anatomical context of Dry Eye Syndromes


Gene context of Dry Eye Syndromes

  • This study also showed that flow cytometry in impression cytology specimens is a reliable tool for exploring the ocular surface at the epithelial level and that CD44, in addition to HLA DR, could be an interesting endpoint for future trials in dry eye syndrome with products based on SH [20].
  • Our results suggest that substantial amounts of ocular mucous glycoprotein are present in the eyes of patients with CP and SJS, diseases which have been previously described as mucin-deficient dry eye syndromes [21].
  • Ocular surface damage and tear lactoferrin in dry eye syndrome [22].
  • "Dry eye syndrome" is a common disorder of the tear film that results from inadequate tear production, excessive tear evaporation or abnormality in mucin or lipid components of the tear film [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dry Eye Syndromes


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