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Coiled Bodies

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  • The coiled body is a nuclear organelle that contains snRNPs involved in splicing, the non-snRNP splicing factor U2AF and the nucleolar protein fibrillarin [5].
  • Autoantibody to p80-coilin may be useful for the elucidation of the structure and function of the coiled body, and the availability of a cDNA sequence could be helpful in further studies to clarify the clinical significance of this autoantibody response [6].
  • Human autoantibody to a novel protein of the nuclear coiled body: immunological characterization and cDNA cloning of p80-coilin [6].
  • It was previously reported that in HeLa cells, SMN and SIP1 form discrete foci located next to Cajal (coiled) bodies, the so-called "gemini of coiled bodies" or "gems." An intriguing feature of gems is that they do not appear to contain snRNPs [7].
  • Taken together, Nopp140 appeared to shuttle between the nucleolus and the coiled bodies, and to chaperone the transport of other molecules [8].

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