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Chemical Compound Review

Iotrolum     2,4,6-triiodo-5-[methyl-[2- [methyl-[2,4,6...

Synonyms: Osmovist, iotrolan, Iotrovist, Isovist, Iotrol, ...
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Disease relevance of C13177


Psychiatry related information on C13177

  • Intracranial iotrolan distribution following cervical myelography. Postmyelographic registration of adverse effects, psychometric assessment and electroencephalographic recording [6].

High impact information on C13177


Chemical compound and disease context of C13177


Biological context of C13177


Anatomical context of C13177

  • A dose of 300 mg I/kg injected into a permanently cannulated lateral ventricle produced neurofunctional deficits with all contrast media except DL-3-117, which scored equal to Ringer's solution [13].
  • On the basis of these findings, iotrol holds promise as a clinical contrast material for the subarachnoid space [17].
  • Following animal sacrifice, histologic examination of the synovium revealed a significant difference in the inflammatory response evoked by the contrast agents: Iotrol caused less inflammation [18].
  • Iotrol is cleared from the cerebrospinal fluid and excreted by glomerular filtration within the same time range as other water-soluble contrast media [19].
  • Both osmolarity and chemotoxicity contribute to the greater vasorelaxant effect on swine renal artery of monomeric contrast media when compared to that of the nonionic dimeric contrast medium, iotrolan [14].

Associations of C13177 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of C13177

  • Iotrol, a new myelographic agent: 1. Radiography, CT, CSF clearance, and brain penetration [23].
  • We did not observe statistically significant differences in comparing iotrolan and iopromid concerning ERCP/EST-induced pancreatic damage [5].
  • The rare finding of strong periventricular enhancement was observed by means of intraoperative CT cisternography using Iotrolan in a one-month-old boy with Dandy-Walker syndrome associated with occipital cephalocele [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of C13177


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