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Chemical Compound Review

Isopaque     3-acetamido-5-(ethanoyl- methyl-amino)-2,4...

Synonyms: Triosil, Metrizoate, Isopaque 440, Metrizoic acid, CHEMBL1736, ...
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Disease relevance of Metrizoate


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Chemical compound and disease context of Metrizoate


Biological context of Metrizoate


Anatomical context of Metrizoate

  • Renografin 76 injection into the left coronary artery produced a higher median T wave amplitude in lead II relative to Isopaque 370 only in the abnormal group (p = 0.01) [16].
  • A procedure is described for simultaneously removing red cells and dead cells from lymphoid cell suspensions, based on the observation that when populations of lymphoid cells are centrifuged on a mixture of Isopaque/Ficoll, dead cells and red cells sediment whereas viable cells float [19].
  • Monocytes were isolated from 300 to 360 ml of heparinized human blood using a Double Density technique employing Ficoll Isopaque and 46% iso-osmotic Percoll [20].
  • Almost pure eosinophils have been isolated from chicken bursa, spleen, thymus or blood using Ficoll metrizoate and Ficoll gradient (eosinophil p.c. 71.4-87.6) [21].
  • Peripheral blood neutrophils were purified by a two-step dextran sedimentation and metrizoate sodium Ficoll (Lymphoprep., Nyegaard, Oslo, Norway) centrifugation [22].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Metrizoate


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