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Disease relevance of Employment


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Chemical compound and disease context of Employment


Biological context of Employment


Associations of Employment with chemical compounds

  • Marked differences were found between users recruited at these sites, especially in relation to age, gender, employment status, criminal history, history of prostitution, previous drug misuse treatment, duration of cocaine use and lifetime use of intravenous cocaine [18].
  • The association persisted after adjustment for age, number of cigarettes smoked, alcohol intake, occupational status, family history of cancer, body mass index, and serum cholesterol [19].
  • Of the ten client characteristics that we analysed, three--a history of imprisonment, a history of dependence on barbiturates or benzodiazepines and employment status at entry--were included with "clinic" and maximum dose of methadone in the Cox regression models [20].
  • RESULTS: Oral steroid bursts, day and night symptom frequencies, age, gender, education level, and employment status all had a significant relationship to medical utilization [21].
  • RESULTS: Analyses controlled for age, education, employment status, duration since diagnosis, and azidothymidine (AZT) use [22].

Gene context of Employment


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Employment

  • Based on labor force histories drawn from the National Longitudinal Survey of Older Men, we observed that the occupational roles held through the mid and late career combine additively to influence retirement and disability experiences, with different conditions of work coming into play depending on the career stage [28].
  • The groups were similar in age, sex, education, injury severity (assessed on the Glasgow Coma Scale, radiologic and neuropsychologic findings, neurosurgical interventions), time from the injury, and preinjury employment status [29].
  • This research utilizes data from the disability supplement of the 2000 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System to examine the impact of disability status on predicting employment status and income [30].
  • Other factors including diabetes knowledge, home blood glucose monitoring, gender, body mass index, clinic attendance and occupational status were not significantly associated with retinopathy or neuropathy in the present study population [31].
  • This study examined changes in employment status and quality of work in 109 chronic pain patients who underwent a cognitive-behavioural pain management course; 68% of patients were female, mean age was 45 years, mean pain chronicity 10.7 years, 70% had spinal pain, and mean impairment on the Sickness Impact Profile was 26% [32].


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