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Chemical Compound Review

Betalone     (17R)-17-hydroxy-17-(2- hydroxyethanoyl)-10...

Synonyms: Betapar, Betanisona, Bitanisone, meprednisone, Deltisona B, ...
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Disease relevance of Methylprednisone


High impact information on Methylprednisone


Chemical compound and disease context of Methylprednisone


Biological context of Methylprednisone


Anatomical context of Methylprednisone

  • OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this article is to review the available literature and formulate evidence-based recommendations for the use of methylprednisone in the setting of acute spinal cord injury (SCI) [17].
  • Patients on methylprednisone and deflazacort therapy had similar thyroid alterations [18].
  • Fat body mass and serum leptin increased only in methylprednisone-treated patients (P<0.025) [14].
  • This enzyme, which has been implicated in the ability of lymphocytes to mount an immune response, was evaluated in renal allografted patients immunosuppressed by azothiprine and methylprednisone [19].
  • Beside postrenal failure the patient's pregnancy was complicated by 7 rejection episodes treated with high doses of methylprednisone (total dose 5 g) with reversible damage of the transplant function, two episodes of a urinary tract infection and increasing anemia necessitating blood transfusions [20].

Associations of Methylprednisone with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Methylprednisone

  • Northern blot analyses showed a twofold increase in NHE3 mRNA expression with MP treatment [23].
  • After renal transplantation GH secretion may be influenced by glucocorticoids as shown by the lower GH response to GHRH which improved with deflazacort and the inverse correlation between methylprednisone dose and IGF-I levels [24].
  • This study compares the effects of antioxidant NSAIDs, methylprednisone and free radical scavengers against MPO-based and NaOCl-based luminol-enhanced CL [25].
  • Changes in kidney function, growth velocity, weight to height ratio and growth hormone (GH) secretion were studied before, and 2 years after, replacement of methylprednisone (6 +/- 0.3 mg/day; mean +/- SEM) by deflazacort (9.6 +/- 0.5 mg/day) 4 years after renal transplantation in 10 patients aged 9-16 years with stable renal function [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Methylprednisone


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