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Gene context of Plasmapheresis

  • Acute plasmapheresis in 11 of the 13 patients significantly increased the plasma clearance of TNF-alpha (P = .02) [31].
  • Based on these data, we would suggest a therapeutic approach in selected patients that includes the removal of serum inhibitory factors by plasmapheresis and restoration of cellular defects by combined IL-2 with or without INF-alpha [32].
  • Some reports have shown that patients with a very low plasma level of ADAMTS13 respond very well to plasmapheresis [33].
  • In the present study, a rapid and comprehensive method is presented to analyze IGFBPs and IGFBP fragments in the plasma of a child with acute renal failure (ARF) who had undergone plasmapheresis [34].
  • The protein A immunoadsorption column is a medical device that in conjunction with plasmapheresis can be used in patients with refractory RA [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Plasmapheresis


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