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Chemical Compound Review

Catamium     1-hexadecylpyridine

Synonyms: Ceepryn, Cepacol, Cetylpyridium, Cetylpyridinum, CHEMBL305906, ...
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Disease relevance of CETYLPYRIDINIUM


High impact information on CETYLPYRIDINIUM


Anatomical context of CETYLPYRIDINIUM


Associations of CETYLPYRIDINIUM with other chemical compounds

  • The electrode, which is based on ion-associate compounds formed between cetylpyridinium and chlorothallate(III) complexes dissolved in tricresyl phosphate as pasting liquid, showed near-Nernstian response over the concentration range of 5.8 x 10(-6) - 2.9 x 10(-3) mol/L [14].
  • A new antitumor polysaccharide, TC-13, was prepared from the hot-water extract of Microellobosporia grisea by precipitation with cetylpyridinium chlorideborate complex and gel filtration [15].


  • A cetylpyridinium chloride-phosphotungstic acid procedure suggested by Kelényi and Kiss (1976) for the staining of mast cell granules in ultrathin sections was slightly modified with regard to pretreatment, pH of incubation, and rinsing of sections [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CETYLPYRIDINIUM

  • To measure the amount of the acidic EPS amylovoran synthesized by E. amylovora cell cultures, a turbidity assay using cetylpyridinium salt was developed [17].
  • Over a 72-h experimental non-brushing period, during which subjects abstained from all forms of mechanical oral hygiene, one group (test) used a 15 ml alcohol free 0.12% CHX (=18 mg) mouthrinse on a Cpc base (Perioaid), CHX plus sign in circleCpc), twice daily for 30 s [18].
  • Cetylpyridinium tetrachlorozincate is recommended as a standard for tenside titration [19].


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