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Chemical Compound Review

Phemerol     benzyl-dimethyl-[2-[2-[4- (2,4,4...

Synonyms: Inactisol, Sanizol, Solamin, Phemethryn, benzethonium, ...
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Disease relevance of benzethonium


High impact information on benzethonium


Chemical compound and disease context of benzethonium


Biological context of benzethonium


Anatomical context of benzethonium

  • Thus, Pz-peptidase B may have been overlooked in previous studies employing extraction of spermatozoa with Hyamine 2389 [17].
  • When applied directly to the D. melanogaster heart, in the absence of hemolymph, bztc reduced the frequency of spontaneous contractions in larval, pupal, and adult hearts [16].
  • Hyamine and SDS-soluble extracts of rat testis tissue contained an additional group of argentophilic polypeptides of lower molecular weight (115, 94, 36, 23, and 21 kDa) [18].
  • The outer acrosome membrane and acrosomal material extracted by Hyamine contained about 35-40% of the total acrosin activity, and three quarters of it was soluble [19].
  • Practically all the vitamin A was found in the fractions obtained by treatment with hypotonic MgCl2 (acrosomal region) and/or with hyamine and dithiothreitol (plasma membrane) [20].

Associations of benzethonium with other chemical compounds

  • Values for an aqueous pH 7 chloroform system increased from zero in the absence of additives to 2.28, 1.86, 1.82, and 1.70 for equimolar amounts of benzalkonium, tetraheptylammonium, benzethonium, and cetalkonium chlorides, respectively [21].
  • After a single episode of hand hygiene, alcohol/silver iodide, CHG, triclosan, and benzethonium chloride were similar to the controls in reduction of MS2, but, in general, handwipes and alcohol-based handrubs showed significantly lower efficacy [22].
  • Excreted radioactivity (mu Ci/min) was measured by bubbling the expired air into an apparatus containing 3 mEq hyamine to trap CO2 from a 20-L Douglas-bag [23].
  • In this study, a capillary electrophoresis method was developed for the determination of cationic surfactants, benzethonium and cetylpyridinium ions, which are commonly used as preservatives in various pharmaceutical and cosmetic products [24].
  • Using cytotoxicity as a guide to fractionation, one novel acetogenin, annoreticuin-9-one [3], and four known cytotoxic acetogenins, squamone [4], solamin [5], annomonicin [6] and rolliniastatin 2 [7], were isolated from active extracts of the leaves of the Formosan plant Annona reticulata [25].

Gene context of benzethonium

  • Both proteinases are inhibited by traditional inhibitors of cysteine proteinases and E-64, but leupeptin turned to be more effective inhibitor of cathepsin L (Ki = 2.4 nM) than of cathepsin H (Ki = 9.2 microM), the latter enzyme being sensitive to puromycin and benzethonium chloride as well.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[26]
  • Urease B gene of Helicobacter pylori was detected in 50% of the wash-out samples from the biopsy-suction channel of a fiberscope after manual Hyamine washing by nested polymerase chain reaction, and bacterial culture revealed viable Helicobacter pylori in 19% [1].
  • The use of benzethonium chloride as an internal standard and thioglycerol as a FAB matrix allowed the direct and specific determination of the BAK content (0.004-0.020%) in commercial hard contact lens solutions through the individual assay of the two alkyl homologues [27].
  • The increase of the total acrosin activity during the Hyamine treatment indicates that acrosin is partly in an inactive form. due either to steric hindrance, inhibitor complex of existence of a proacrosin [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of benzethonium


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